Booked the Video Game Bus for a kid birthday party. WOW. Roy and his team exceeded all expectations I had, and my expectations were already pretty high before the MASSIVE bus pulled up (early) in front of my house that day. It was as impressive, clean and high tech as the photos on his website showed. Roy was organized, professional, kind and patient. He brought helpers (calm, professional, great with kids) with him to help the kids with the games and keep an eye on everyone and be sure they were having fun/getting fair turns. He asked us in advance about what games/ratings they'd be allowed to play and stuck to it. In the two hours the Video Game Bus was here, ONE child left the bus - to use the bathroom - and then got right back on. Even the kids who had never played video games before would not leave the bus (I know because I kept checking on them - I was worried they wouldn't have fun but Roy's staff helped them learn the games quickly). I can't say enough great things. I am not shy about complaining (check out my other Yelp reviews), so please believe me when I say that this company is spectacular.

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Yelp R.

(Los Angeles, CA)


Roy and his team were outstanding. We had 25 1st graders who were completely mesmerized for two hours straight. Every kid had a blast. The truck was pristine and had great games, and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. We will be calling Roy for every birthday until our kids outgrow video games. I highly recommend using Video Game Bus for your next party.

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-> 15 reviews

Sam W.

(Los Angeles, CA)


These guys deserve more than 5 stars! Fabulous experience; everyone at the party loved it! Thank you Roy

 Roy!!! Good show my man...The kids loved it. Thank you for coming early and being so patient with all of the kids. Your prices are perfect and the value is beyond words.

Thank you for making Kory's 8th Birthday literally perfect!

-> 49 reviews

The Jacksons

(Playa del Rey)

My daughter and her friends had a blast

Jennifer B.


Hey, thanks again for the awesome party on Saturday! I By the way, as you drove off, you should have heard all the kids....they were crying "Don't go, Video Game Bus, don't go!!!"-Christine west los Angeles

Your awesome I can't tell you how much we all enjoyed having the VIDEO GAME BUS bus at are party. Looking forward to the next one. - Cameron Beverly Hills

They pulled up out front sanitized and wiped everything down the kids and adults got in everybody had so much fun so many games this is the way to throw a party and neighborhood is jealous

Kerry--Los Feliz

This bus is huge everybody got to play even me. I was planning on watching TV but found myself with a game controller in my hand for three hours. We love VIDEO GAME BUS, we recommend it to all of our friends and family hoping will get invited to their party. - Patty --Manhattan Beach

THIS is the best thing since white bread 


Woodland Hills

Last year we had a smaller van come out half the kids at the party were running around in the house waiting for their turn to play. Not so with VIDEO GAME BUS we had 30 kids 24 was playing the rest of them were inside watching it was air-conditioned inside and hot outside these people do a fantastic job kudos to VIDEO GAME BUS please come back

Kevin and Cindy


Just a little note to thank you. Mikey was so surprised he thought we were going to pizza joint walked outside and all his friends were in front of the bus we thought he was going to wet himself is a he was so so surprised and excited this is a must do again. What a fantastic idea who says you can't please all the kids for hours



It was beyond amazing!! Thank you so much for everything. You and Tyler were so helpful and the kids had an absolute blast. I am sorry I did not get a chance to talk to you before you left. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it all was. .

I did see you on the channel 7 news at 4pm that day. Our kids got a kick seeing you on tv right after the party.

We still have it on our dvr!!! You are a celebrity!

Thanks again. You have such a great set up inside the bus. I will definitely be recommending you to our friends.

Until next year.....


(Beverly Hills)

Roy & his team provide the best video game bus experience in L.A !We researched some other options but hands down for the price and service provided we could not have asked for any more .He is very thorough in going over all charges thus no surprises in the form of tax or tip or extra surcharges after wards .The best part is while the kids are totally engrossed in the video game bus for minimum 2 hours,parents can actually chill out.....easiest party we ever hosted for our kid!

Roy and Taylor were patient and superfun so the kids had a blast as we celebrated our sons 11th  birthday ....and needless to say he and his 25 friends had the BEST time and bday party experience !

I would highly recommend this business not just for kids parties but also for adults events to keep the kids occupied so adults can enjoy their party !

Thanks Roy for making our event a great success !

Ashe A.


Completely thrilled with them.  Roy arrived in time to set up so he was ready right when he should be.  He was so kind with the children and they all said they had the best time ever.  A fabulous way to entertain children at a party.  I would highly recommend this company.  Truly professional.  Allowed us to relax and enjoy the party ourselves!!!

Leland P.

(North Hollywood)

5/21/2015  (Updated review)

Video Game Bus was a great choice for my son's 9th birthday. Roy was so accommodating and made the party the easiest ever even with 24 kids. He was very conscious of age appropriate games; he had favorite games as well as introducing them to games he thought they would like. We had boys and girls so it was definitely a varied group (Minecraft and dancing). Roy was there, ready to go on time - was flexible enough to stay an extra hour. Can't say enough - I'm ready to take his suggestion of "kid" sitting for a dinner party. Pam P.--Woodland Hills

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L. W.

(Los Angeles, CA)


I ordered this bus for my kids birthday. Roy and his team are very efficient and we had a blast. The bus itself is really cool. Tons of video games on the inside and it definitely keep the kids busy if not the adults lol.

Another perk is you'll be the talk of the neighborhood. The cool people on the block. I definitely recommend these guys they were great and the price wasn't bad for all the fun that we had.

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Rick A.

Santa Monica, CA


Best party ever....i could not get the kids off the bus for cake or pizza! Roy and his team are incredible. This bus was amazing, huge and made for a perfect party.

My son's 8th birthday super special. HIGHLY recommend. Worth every penny!!

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-> 37 reviews

Joanna H.

(Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA)

We thought we knew how to throw party but we definitely know how to throw a party now. Thank you VIDEOGAME BUS- Sharon


Birthday boy never saw it coming until he saw it coming what a awesome site this bus is coming down the street toward your party when it pulled up and stopped you should have seen the other kids in the neighborhood that weren't invited can you say jealous. I heard of other parties like this you just can't imagine the look on your kids face until you see it for yourself thank you VIDEO GAME BUS guys so much for such a fun party my son says this was the best day of his life. 

Amber and Justin

What a hit we could have sold tickets to this birthday party this is the first party that everybody showed up and some even asked me to bring a friend



I am so glad that one of my friends suggested VIDEO GAME BUS and not doing the pizza joint they came to us the kids got in we didn't hear from them for two hours so we booked another hour this thing is great



I've never thrown a party like this for my child. Everyone had a good time. No one was around looking bored with nothing to do. This is a fantastic idea we will do this again


(La Canada)

This bus rolled up all the kids were out front some had been on it before as it rolled up they were all bowing down and chanting I totally understand now why my son was begging so much to have VIDEO GAME BUS at his party. 

Debbie E.


Very impressive good time had by all the only hard part was getting the kids out of their thanks for staying longer


When a massive bus rolled up and the kids got their first glimpse of it they went insane I knew this would be a good day it's been a little over two weeks and they are still begging me for another party. When can you come back? -

Super Dad


Thanks for the best birthday party Dylan has EVER had. He's been talking about it ever since Saturday.... This topped last year a million times over....He wants it next year too."

Olivia W.


I had no idea what to do for Jack's 13th party and I'm glad I saw your web page. Jack and his friends are still talking about it it's been weeks.

Dave and Helen

(Pacific Palisades)

Five stars review for a truly five  star experience. The best party experience we ever experienced. The bus is clean , the latest video games and Roy and his team are  part of the reason why this is soo good. I highly recommend  the video game bus to anyone who is thinking of a different experience. I wish I was a kid! Thank you and keep it up!

Stewart W.


I love Roy and Taylor! I run an after school program and got a great discount on the bus as he understood that many of my kids could never afford such a great memorable experience!

I've had him at my school twice and have never had any issues. They're both so easy going, always coming in great spirits! Roy is accommodating and patient with kids of all ages.

If you are debating who to choose... I am telling you now!


You won't regret it!


(Los Angeies)

My son's 9th birthday was a HUGE success and I owe it all to Roy and the Video Game Bus. This bus is unbelievable. The equipment, selection and play options are so impressive. Roy and his partner were prompt, courteous, helpful and professional. The kids had an absolute blast playing all of their favorite games on the coolest bus around. I wholeheartedly recommend them for your next party/celebration.


(Lake Balboa)

I must say a big wow on the professionalism of the owner of Video Game Bus Roy when arriving to my sons 7th BDay. My sons were grinning from ear to ear with the mere size of the bus before entering inside:) The VGB allowed me & the wife to plan his birthday with his favorite game & did not matter what the weather was doing out side which is a big plus. Highly recommended & the HIT of the event. My son said it was the best BDay gift he had to date. Keep up the good work VGB & prices pWe had Roy and the Video Game Bus to our house yesterday for my son's 7th birthday party.  It was AMAZING!  Roy is a true professional and really enjoys having the kids on the bus.  The kids all had a wonderful time and this morning when I took my son to school the kids that were at the party ran up to my son and gave him "High Fives"!  All the parents commented on what a great party.  Thanks Roy!oints.

Mark L.

(North Hollywood Judy D.--Studio City)

Roy was great. Punctual, friendly, professional. He is all around a nice guy. I highly recommend Roy and his company.

Rabin P.

(Beverly Hills)

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