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We have the FORTNITE ON ALL 6 TVS. Are you tired of the same old birthday party year after year. Forget about another Bowling Party, Bouncy Bounce, Chucky Cheese or Arcade Party. Here is something new! A climate controlled Mobile Video Game party featuring 24 players on 6 huge 55” TV's, 24 players at one time on XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 and Wii U. Best of all, we roll right up to your door. All of our events are hosted by 2 Game Coaches who will bring all of your participants together interacting regardless of skill level.


Sit back and relax. Everything is taken care of when you invite VIDEO GAME BUS. Everyone will be engaged, playing together and having a great time. For more information about VIDEO GAME BUS for your next event call us today at (818) 391-8191. Let your next party be the talk of the neighborhood.


VIDEO GAME BUS is a unique experience and perfect for all kinds of celebrations.

  • FORTNITE on all 6 tvs
  • Day Camps
  • After School Camps
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Super Bowl party
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Graduations
  • Christmas Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Group Bonding
  • Parties Of All Kinds
  • Wedding entertainment for the kids
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Sports Team End Of Season
  • First Communions



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